Tag Connect TC2030-MCP-NL ICSP Cable


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All Modtronics Australia PIC Development Boards support the Tag-Connect TC2030-MCP-NL ICSP cable. This cable can be used instead of the normal SIL headers for programming our development boards. It is able to interface directly with Microchips ICD3 and RealICE programmers and with a simple adapter it can be connected to PICKit3 programmers.

The TC2030-MCP-NL can be used for debugging and development when secured into position. See ‘Using the TC2030-MCP-NL for debugging’ on the manufactures website for further details.


  • Flexible programming cable
  • Compatible with Microchips ICD3 & RealICE Programmers / Debuggers
  • Compatible with PICKit3 with a simple adapter
  • Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 10 mm

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