RFM22B Surface Mount Wireless Transceiver


The RFM22B is a low cost, highly integrated, 433, 868 & 915MHZ wireless transceiver module  with industry leading +20dBm output power.


RFM22B Breakout / Carrier Board Add-on

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The HopeRF RFM22B is a low cost, highly integrated, 433, 868 & 915MHZ wireless ISM transceiver module (frequency depends on the product selected). The low receiver sensitivity (–121dBm) coupled with industry leading +20dBm output power ensures extended range and improved link performance. These modules can communicate of many, many km’s depending on the data rate and RF environment  Built-in antenna diversity and support for frequency hopping can be used to further extend range and enhance performance. The wide operating voltage range of 1.8–3.6 V and low current consumption makes the RFM22B an ideal solution for battery powered applications.

Communication with the RFM22B module uses a standard 4-wire SPI interface. Three configurable general purpose I/Os are also available, the use of which can be tailored for the needs of your project or solution. The RFM22B also incorporates a range of other features, including an 8-bit ADC, temperature sensor, RX and TX FIFOs, and low-battery detection. A datasheet for this product is available below (manufacturer provided)

The module comes in a 16-pin, 16 x 16mm, SMD package, with pins spaced by 2mm. If you don’t want to solder this yourself, we sell a fully constructed RFM22B-S2 RF Transceiver Breakout Board including an installed RFM22B module and SMA connector. You can view this product here.

Features at a glance

  • Frequency Range: 433MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz ISM (depending on the purchased version)
  • Sensitivity = -121 dBm
  • Output power range: +20 dBm Max
  • Data Rate = 0.123 to 256 kbps
  • FSK, GFSK, and OOK modulation
  • Power Supply = 1.8 to 3.6 V
  • Ultra low power shutdown mode
  • Digital RSSI
  • Wake-up timer
  • Auto-frequency calibration (AFC)
  • Power-on-reset (POR)
  • Antenna diversity and TR switch control
  • Configurable packet handler
  • Preamble detector
  • TX and RX 64 byte FIFOs
  • Low battery detector
  • Temperature sensor and 8-bit ADC
  • –40 to +85 °C temperature range
  • Integrated voltage regulators
  • Frequency hopping capability
  • On-chip crystal tuning
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16mm

ISM Band Frequency Usage

It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that the module purchased conforms with their local laws and regulations. If you aren’t sure please consult your local RF spectrum authority. The following table is a guide only:

ISM Band Frequency Usage


Compatible Products

Note: It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure this module conforms to their local laws and regulations.

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions2.0 × 2.0 × 1.0 cm

433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz

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