RFM12B Breakout Board – Bare PCB – RF Wireless Module


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This is our band new breakout board for the RFM12B wireless RF module, from HopeRF. This breakout board gives you access to all the pins on the RFM12B module in a through hole format that is easy to use in a prototyping environment. The antenna connection is via a convenient SMA male connector allowing you to attach either a stub antenna or anything up to a yagi for superior range. This gives our RFM12B breakout board the best range of any breakout board on the market!

Note, this product is the bare RFM12B Breakout Board for you to assemble yourself. You can use your own RFM12B module or purchase one from our store. For more information on our RFM12B module visit it’s product page or download the datasheets below.

If you would prefer a fully constructed RFM12B breakout board, with the RFM12B module and SMA connector pre-installed, our RFM12B Breakout board – with installed module is the product for you.

The RFM12B breakout board PCB comes in a 14-pin DIP compatible module, with pins spaced at 2.54mm (suitable for breadboard use) and uses an SMA male connector for the antenna (not included with the bare PCB).

RFM12B modules are a very popular wireless transceiver module. They are heavily used in home automation projects such as, OpenEnergyMonitor, in addition there some excellent open source RFM12B libraries for Arduino. Our RFM12B breakout boards are compatible with Arduino code and RFM12B based home automation systems.


  • 14-pin DIP compatible PCB, pins spaced at the standard 2.54mm
  • Can be mounted directly onto a breadboard or prototyping board
  • Mounts directly onto our nanoTRONICS24 – PIC24 Development Board
  • SMA connector for antenna – allowing for excellent range (not included)
  • On board decoupling capacitors – for improved wireless module performance
  • Our trademark purple soldermask and white silk screen – looks fantastic
  • Highest quality ENIG plated PCB to reduce corrosion and enable easy soldering
  • Dimensions: 38 x 33 x 1.6 mm


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