About Us

At Modtronics Australia we build electronics and microcontroller products that can be used by hobbyists and professionals alike. They are are designed to make it as quick as possible for you to get your projects up and going. Our current range of microcontroller development boards is based on Microchip powerful range of PIC24 microcontrollers. Shortly though, we’ll be releasing PIC32 based versions of our popular nanoTRONCIS24 and picoTRONICS24 development boards, providing you with even more power still!

We have also developed a market leading range of breakout board for some of the most popular ISM band wireless RF transceiver modules on the market today. With the ability to attach SMA antennas, our breakout boards have market leading range and performance, whilst still being suitable to use on a breadboard. Our latest release is a breadboard compatible Wifi module based on Microchip’s highly integrated embedded wifi controller.

Modtronics is based in Australia, but we ship our products to our customers Worldwide.

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